How to have good concentration in studies?

Here are a few tips to improve your concentration in studies!

Studies are not painful like this! It is very interesting!

Why less concentration in studies? Consider a young boy in twenties. If his mother asks him to buy and bring some vegetables from market, he may say: “Don’t disturb me maa. You go yourself”.

Whereas, if he gets married and his new wife asks him that she is suffering from the head ache, he will run to the medical shop to buy some tablets even before she asks for a tablet.

Isn’t it? Why??

Because, he considers his new wife as very important who is giving something special in his life.

If his father advices him, he will not hear. But, if his favourite movie star gives some advice in media, it attracts him.

Why? Because, that star is special for him.

So, Only when you give importance for something, it will make an impact in your mind.

How these examples apply for studies?

Similarly, you should consider your text books as very important and special in life. Why? Because, these text books will give special gifts in your life, such as all the comforts, fame, respects, etc.   Thereafter, you will start to give importance for your studies and hence those text books will create strong impact in mind.

The following realisations may help you to do well in studies and to improve your concentration:

1. If you utilise these ten years in learning and developing your skills, your remaining 80 years will be problem-free. If you waste these ten years, you have to suffer in the remaining 80 years.

2. Studies are going to decide your standing in the society. Now a days, the world is becoming highly competitive. Only those who can give the best performance can survive in this world comfortably. If we give a pause, others will overtake us and will not bother where we have haulted. So, act now.

3. You have to follow repeated revision for improving memory! Thus, if all the important points, formulae, theorems, etc that have to be stored in constant memory, are read in regular intervals, they will get stored in the permanent memory. Therefore, read and revise every chapter in regular intervals.

4 You should show SINGLE MINDED concentration in studies to enhance your memory. If you see the movie of your favourite movie star, you won’t move even a bit and watch that movie with INTEREST showing FULL ATTENTION. Therefore, you can remember every scene of that movie throughout your life.

Similarly, if you show the same attention in studies, the contents will not be forgotten by you for many years.

5.  If you see the text books as a burden, you won’t get interest to learn. See your text books as ATM Machines that contain lakhs of money. How? Yes, it is true. If you like to earn lakhs of money in future, you have to get suitable qualification. To get suitable qualification, you have to study these books. Therefore, these books are going to give you lakhs of money every month. Thus, these are not just books. But,  ATM machines.

Hereafter, see your text books, not as just books, but as ATM machines. You will automatically get interest to read them.

6. If you allow your mind to scatter, you lose the power of memory. If you focus your attention on a single point, memory power increases.

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