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The process of applying for TARGET CENTUM Postal Test Series and for our other services is very easy. You can apply with just a single click using the Enrolment Form given below.


(1) You must send the photograph within 5 days either as a mail attachment (mentioning your name) to our mail id: director.starwin@gmail.com (or) as a hard copy through ordinary post or courier.

The Student’s Photograph can also be sent AS MESSAGE to the WhatsApp No:  96 88 33 22 33 (that of RAJAN, Director).

(2) D.D or At Par Cheques should be drawn in favour of “STARWIN” payable at TRICHY (Tiruchirappalli).  The DDs or AT PAR Cheques only from Nationalized or scheduled banks are accepted.

(3) If you like to pay the fees through Net Banking Transfer (or) if you like to directly deposit the fees in our Indian Bank account in your town/ Village itself, Click that option in the form below.  We will SMS our Bank account details to your mobile number.

(4) You can also pay the fees through our site itself using the highly secured and safe PAYPAL or PAY U MONEY payment gateways using Credit card, Debit card, Net Banking,, etc from anywhere in the world. Click here to go to Payment Gateways.

(6) We will confirm the receipt of your Enrolment Form and the date of despatch of Course Materials, through SMS.  Usually the despatch starts in 3-7 days!  We will communicate every information perfectly through SMS.  We never leave the students in suspense!

(6) As a strict policy decision, STARWIN maintains all the details given by the students confidentially, and, we never call the students over phone for any reason unless it is really required in the interest of students. However, we encourage the students to call us at any time without fear or hesitation and convey their needs!  We send the most of our intimations  through SMS only.

(7) Send the enrolment form after reading all the tabs in this website including Rules. Click here for  rules

Fill all the columns of this Enrolment Form & send!




All the details given in the Printed Prospectus are available in this website itself! However, If you still need the Printed Free Prospectus with Fees Details, you can get through courier ABSOLUTELY FREE!  Or, If you have read all the details in this website, but, need only the FEES DETAILS, mention in e-form! We will SMS Fees details alone!  Click here, fill and instantly submit the “Request Prospectus” e-form.