Centum Tips for the students!
STARWIN is an institution that has centum as its main product!

We give plenty of tips to score centum after you enrol in our courses.  However, here, we have given a few general tips that may help you in planning and implementing your studies.

Our brain has the capacity to think of only one at a time.  When you think another one, your brain will not be able to properly do that.

Let me give the examples:


When you are watching a popular movie in the Television, and also studying your lessons, your brain will prefer ONLY THE ACTIVITY THAT IS VISUALLY THE MOST INTERESTING. Therefore, it will record all the incidents of that movie in the inner memory strongly and will fail to record the contents of text book.  Though you read the lessons for 24 hrs, they will not be stored by brain in its internal memory.

Therefore, Perform ONLY ONE ACTIVITY AT A TIME and CONCENTRATE ONLY IN STUDIES. SPARE LESS TIME FOR THE FRIENDS, GAMES, ENTERTAINMENT, etc.  Keep them under control till you complete your studies.


If you keep a piece of paper even for one year under sunlight, it won’t burn. But, if you focus the  sunlight on that paper using a lens, the same sunlight burns that paper within seconds.  Why? Because, when the sun light was scattered, it will not have full power.  In case, the scattered sun light is focussed on a single point, it regains its full power and burns the paper.

However, when your attention is scattered in more than one activity at a time, ie, other than studies, your brain will not be efficient to record the contents.  Whereas, if you focus your attention ONLY IN STUDIES, forgetting all other activities, your brain applies its full power and record the learnt contents very deeply.  Therefore, it will not be forgotten for long.


(a) If you read a lesson for the first time, it is stored in the PERIPHERAL (or) EXTERNAL MEMORY.  However, This memory is very weak.  For example, Most of you read a topic once and it gives a feeling that you have understood.  However, it will be forgotten later.

As per the god given nature of brain, if you read any topic tonight at 10 p.m, your brain forgets 15% of it the next morning and you will remember just 85%.  At the same time, after one month, your brain would have forgotten 85% of it and you will remember only 15%.  

(b) What should you do to avoid this?  If you revise the same chapter 5-6 times, the brain will store the contents in MIDDLE MEMORY, that will last for a few months. However, this middle memory can not be recalled during tensed atmosphere. That means, if you are tensed seeing the exam hall and the new invigilators (teachers) for the exam, your brain can not recall the contents stored in the middle memory.

(c) Then, what to do to permanently remember the contents?

If you revise every chapter atleast every week or 10 days, the brain will store the lesson in its INNER PERMANENT MEMORY and it will never forget it.  For example, you can remember the driver of your 5 th std school bus even now, as you were seeing him daily.  Therefore, the repetition or revision is more important in studies.

Are you doing this?  Most of you do not care for such a regular weekly revision because you think that you have completed that chapter.

(Don’t worry. We will give a nice schedule of studying as tips after you join any of our courses)



Reduce your time in internet or other entertainments and concentrate ONLY IN STUDIES.  Though your mind will induce you to love or think of bodily feelings, postpone those thoughts to be considered after scoring high and getting a good job.   If you give space for such (natural) thoughts in this age, you can not concentrate in studies, as those thoughts will be more interesting than studies and hence your brain will record those thoughts only.


If  you speak to the successful persons in the Studies or Career,  you will find some common principles among them. They are:

(A) They are well aware of the available time and the assignments in front of them. This enables them to plan their current & future schedule.

(B) They thoroughly analyse what  are the steps to be followed to complete the available task and plan when and how to do and achieve them.

(C) Knowingly  or  unknowingly, they do their duties as explained in  BHAGAVAT GITA.           

Some verses from Bhagavad Gita about performing duties:

(i) Perform all your assigned duties effectively dedicating them and their results to Me without considering yourself as a kartha, ie, doer. (Ch-3, Verse-30)

(ii) We can’t escape from the results just by escaping from our duties (Ch-3, Verse-4)

(iii) No one can remain even a single minute without doing anything. (Ch-3, Verse-5)

(iv) One has to work  atleast to take care of his / her body!  (Ch-3, Verse-8)

(v) You must work atleast  as an example for others to follow you. (Ch-3, Verse-20)


The Teachers are just introducing the syllabus to you.  They can not enter into your brain and supply outputs.  You only have to become thorough in a subject. Enter into action on your own and manipulate your text books on your own.

“Can I understand the text book contents on my own?

Yes, you can!  However, You may find it difficult to understand in the first time reading itself! Read the same lesson 2-3 times! You will start feeling it easy.

For example, you frequently read about the researches and discoveries of scientists in newspapers and magazines. How do you understand those details on your own? Your text books also contain such a collection of experiments only! Can’t you understand it even after repeated reading? It is possible if you decide!


WHEN YOU ARE CONCENTRATING IN STUDIES, DON’T GO VERY DEEP IN SPRITUALITY.  IT MAY ATTRACT YOU MORE THAN THE STUDIES.  Therefore, more spiritual realization may make some of you uninterested in studies.

Therefore, during studies, doing some regular japa (Chanting Lord’s Names) every day before sun rise is enough.  Then concentrate in studies. Postpone reading advanced concepts of spirituality after completing your school education, ie, 12th Std.

Concentrate most of your time in studies.  Spare 30 minutes to 1 hour a day for sprituality/ devotional practices.  This is enough while studying. If you devote more time for sprituality and less for studies, that is not advised by Krishna, as given in the above quotes of Gita.  Because, He expects us to perform our duties keeeping Him in mind.

Imagine the Lord is with you and whatever happens is – His wish.  We are empowered to do our duties effectively.  NOT FOR OUR SATISFACTION, but for the satisfaction of the Ultimate Lord.  It is the essence of Bhagavad Gita.

Such an effective performance will place you in a comfortable position.

Therefore, Start now.  Analyse what to do to score high and apply in your day to day studies.


No confusion & worries!   Be confident. And, There is no limit  for learning!  Any student can score high IF:

(i) he is aware of the exam pattern and plan their schedule of preparation accordingly;

(ii) he  utilises every minute in preparation & practice

(iii) he understands word by word before memorising

(iv) he prepare all the chapters word by word without selective study ( don’t say “ this is important; that is not” );

(v) he revises every chapter again and again;    

(vi) he practises to the maximum level.


There are about 300  days in an academic year.  If a  student wastes  a single day without reading and /or practising, that means – he is losing about roughly about 0.33% of marks. How? If you prepare for 100% in 300 days, you prepare for 0.33% marks every day.   Every single mark  can change the college/course we are going to join in future.  So, Time is irreversible.  Every moment is crucial for success.

Next important thing is writing the  exam.  Let us see some tips about it.


The most important thing a student should follow is “Style Of Presentation”.  Only those who write the answers in an ‘Easy to go througth’ format, instantly, with nicely edited sentences can get 3/3, 5/5 &  10/10. Therefore, keep your presentation to make the teachers happySuch carefully designed answers give an impression that you are an outstanding student.  Moreover, teachers will offer full marks for you.

While writing the exam have a relaxed mind.   Time management is the base for success.  Therefore, plan how many minutes should be spent for every question of every section.

Believe, the exam is going to be easy and Don’t fear how the questions will be! Just perform your duties as effectively as possible and Come back. That’s all. Nothing is going to be achieved by worrying.  Therefore, Utilise every minute now effectively that will give you relaxed mind at the time of the exam.

Utilise every minute EFFECTIVELY to the required level.  If you do so, you too can score high.


We give plenty of periodical tips for the students AFTER they enrol in our courses  to keep the students always in the spirit of achieving!  To gain all the benefits, enrol in a course suitable for you and scale new heights in life!

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